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Pesto and Veggie Tortellini

Tis the season for fresh fall soups!

This Veggie and Pesto Tortellini is perfect for a night in or a fun fall party! I really enjoy making fresh fall soups, I think it’s because they are so easy and come together really fast.  Like, it is hard to mess up a soup. 

The majority of the fresh fall soups that I make usually have a cream base in them.  But I’m trying to cut calories and make healthier choices which led me to this little guy.  

The base of this is an onion and garlic seasoned broth.  I really like to use a chicken bone broth, but your generic chicken broth will work too!   See… it’s easy to make changes to recipes!!  You got this! 

One thing I do want to give you a tip on it using water to supplement your broth.  My recipes use equal parts water and broth.  If you want a richer broth – go all in on broth and no water… you get the idea! 

Fresh Fall Soups give me all the feels when it comes to bringing people together and gathering for an evening of fellowship and conversation.  I hope you plan on making this recipe and enjoying it with some of you gal pals!!