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Grapefruit & Sage Spritzer

A good Fall Cocktail is a MUST!

I’ve always been a fan of easy shortcuts that don’t sacrifice great taste! That’s why I’m loving this #partnership with @Spritz Society! Their Rose spritzers are natural and full of flavor!! They have fizz and a bit of sweetness that pair with fun mixers for a great cocktail!! (Are are low calorie!!!)

Have you ever been in a bind and, knowing you are going to have people over, have no idea what to do with drinks? I mean – I am an avid Sweet Tea and Punch girl… but sometimes when you are having adults over for a Fall get-together or Friendsgiving, you want a little something special…. that is where this Fall Cocktail comes in!

This Grapefruit and Sage cocktail mixes the sage with simple syrup and tops it off with the hint of Grapefruit from the Spritz Society can!!!

This Fall Cocktail is a perfect transition drink! And it’s easy too!!

So easy it’s almost unreal!! You can also do the same thing with their Blood Orange, Pineapple and Lemonade flavors!!