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Monster MixEDIT

I really wanted to call this Halloween treat my Spooky Snacks.  But the more and more I thought about this goodness, it was settled. I needed this to be called Monster Mix. Especially with the fun eye ball sprinkles.

Monster Mix is a deliciously deadly combination. The best snacks wrapped in white chocolate with sprinkles, M&Ms, and spooky Monster eye-balls.


I didn’t wrap this up for gifts this year, but this is the best treat for Halloween parties, gifts for teachers, or just a fun table treat for guests when they sit down, at your home or a restaurant. Just wrap it up in plastic wrap with a fun bow. I also love a fun brown lunch sack with Monster mix in it and you can let the little ones decorate the outside like a monster! Fun right?

These treats are just way too good to eat alone, because trust me from experience, you will eat all of it – by yourself!