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Leftover Turkey and Brie SandwichEDIT

Biggest question I get for Thanksgiving is what to do with Thanksgiving Turkey leftovers. I love all of the food, but sometimes with 8 or 9 different side dishes, you just don’t eat as much and therefore can have food for days. I’ve also not known many people that like to eat the same meal over and over again. That is where my fun thanksgiving leftovers come in!!

This is your basic turkey sandwich with a little pizzazz. I mean come on – everyone eats a turkey sandwich and this one spices it up just a little bit. Using brie cheese really brings out the flavors of the cranberry chutney. If you need that recipe… you can check that out here.

One of the traditions my family has is having Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night. That means that we are together the rest of the weekend with dinner and lunches that need to be made.

Creating different options for leftovers really helps us make good use of the food we have made. The kids always love being creative with how we repurpose the same food for days.