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DIY Eeek CupcakesEDIT

What is better than DIY Cupcakes?

Ummm… Truly, not much. And this isn’t totally a standard Abby type of recipe. We are just writing words with chocolate and sticking it on a cupcake, but never-the-less I thought I would share the how to do it here. Who can resist a little mini photoshoot with these fall cuties? Alright – DIY Cupcakes, here we go!

  1. Take the Hershey candy bar and stick the entire bar into a double boiling pot of water. (don’t open the candy bar), and melt the candy bar all the way.
  2. Cut a very small slit in the side of the candy bar wrapper to use that as your opening. You are essentially creating a piping bag!
  3. On parchment paper, write your words!
  4. Let cool overnight and then carefully scrape off the parchment with a clean edge.
  5. Stick on store-bought cupcakes!

Have fun with these with your kiddos! Not many places to go right now, so why not stay in and make some *Sweet* memories (pun intended!) with the family!

These are so fun and I had a blast learning how to write with the chocolate. I did learn something, though. Dark chocolate works better. I’m not quite sure if that is the dairy content in the dark chocolate or what, but the Hershey Dark Chocolate bar works better than the regular bar.

Again, these are so fun and could even be a fun table treat for a Halloween luncheon – functioning as a place setting. How cute would it be if you wrote names in chocolate for each cupcake!

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! Have a blast!

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