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Rudolph Spritzer

Nothing better to add to a fun appetizer or festive party than a fun drink! And this drink takes the cake, or cookie! Ha A good spritzer starts with a base, adds champagne (some fizz), and then finishes with a shot of your favorite liquid fun! However, this drink can easily be made as a mocktail for the entire party to enjoy, just hold the champs and the shot and you’ve got a festive punch for the whole gang! The pomegranate in this holiday drink gives it a festive Rudolph vibe – thus my Rudolph Spritzer!

The base: Always go with Ginger Ale! You could also sub your favorite sparkling water especially if it’s a fun flavor like the Aha! Pomegranate and Berry one.

The Flavor: For the Rudolph Spritzer I’m using Pomegranate Juice. Other juices that are fun for the holidays are cranberry and peppermint! You could do either! Although, I think Peppermint might be better in a milky drink than a juice – but to each their own!

The Sugar: Go with a frozen concentrate! In some of my spritzers I like to go with Frozen Orange Juice, but in this case we are going with Frozen Lemonade.

Pro Tip: Always keep frozen juice concentrate in your freezer! It takes any holiday drink to the next level!

Liquid Fun: Add an entire bottle of Champagne and if you are making a pitcher put a cup of gin or vodka in it.

For the Rim, I promise I have tried it multiple ways, and let me tell you – homemade sugar cookies do not work. You need the soft frosted cookies from the grocery store. Every store has them and they have them throughout the year so this can be a fun drink rim for any occasion! The reason you need these frosted soft sugar cookies is that they crumble super easily!