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Açaí Sorbet

I’ve been on a kick lately of smoothie bowls for breakfast and this Acai sorbet is perfect for a smoothie bowl. I’ve been playing around with toppings in my smoothie bowl from chocolate chips and coconut, to peanut butter and oats. They make mornings fun and interesting. It’s amazing how using new and different ingredients for morning smoothie bowls can really impact the energy that you start the day with!

I couldn’t really find an Acai sorbet that I loved – so I decided when one can’t find something… just make it! And this took literally 2 minutes and then freezing time. It’s no churn, so the only equipment you need is a Kitchen Aid food processor. Easy, right?

I will say that a food blender works great, but does leave more of a gritty texture – so it will not be perfectly smooth. I think that is fine though and honestly like the texture because it makes it feel a lot fresher!

The Acai puree I found came in packets and I picked them up from the frozen section at my Target. They are actually super convenient and not super expensive. I will definitely be making this again!