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Private: Fall Harvest Salad

This Fall Harvest Salad is one that will warm your hearts and your belly because it includes apples, figs, balsamic vinegar, and candied pecans – the perfect making of fall flavored salad!

I recently noticed a friend of mine post a picture of a meme that complained about recipes on blogs and how it took so long to scroll to the actual recipe due to the storytelling in the front end of the blog post. Therefore, this Fall Harvest Salad Post will dive right into how easy and simple it is to make… and of course the recipe.

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First off, the longer the dressing sits on the kale – the more the kale will wilt and it will be easier and tastier when you eat it! Make the salad about an hour before you actually eat it so that it and marinate. The dressing that you make can go on the salad earlier then everything else and can go on hot – it will wilt the salad faster that way.


One last thing, I really like to get deli ham (cheaper than prosciutto – but you can totally use Prosciutto) and slice it into then strips and fry it on the stove to get it a little charred to add meat to my salad. Totally don’t have to!

The goal of this salad – make it, share with your friends and add what you want. I know some people love pomegranates – add them! If you want to add some pears to your dressing… do that! (there is a note about this in the recipe) Fill your table with friends and enjoy this salad. Oh and send me pics over on Instagram! #Atabletopaffair