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Mediterranean Meatballs with a Cinnamon-Pomegranate GlazeEDIT

You guys know, I have a thing for Mediterranean food. I mean, ever since I came back from Israel, I have had an obsession with the flavor profiles of the food. I’ve tried to integrate that into every recipe I can possibly create. This one is no different. I took the traditional Meatball that is sometimes served as an appetizer, added some Cinnamon and allspices to it, and here we have it! I created a festive winter glaze with pomegranate juice and balsamic vinegar. You will be going crazy for this easy holiday app, trust me!

Did you know? In Greece and in the Mediterranean – they used the prized spice, Cinnamon not only for desserts like Baklava, but also in savory dishes to help add flavor to low quality meat? That is why in a lot of traditional Greek dishes, you will notice the cinnamon flavor.

I added cinnamon in the meatballs and the glaze, and it came out perfectly. You can definitely smell the holiday aromas as you make this easy holiday app, and?… it’s delicious.

Have you ever cooked a steak on the stove top and then put it in the oven? That is exactly what we are doing here, except we aren’t putting it in the oven, we are just slowly cooking it on the stove top after we sear all of the sides together.

So, start out with the meatballs on high-heat rotating frequently so they don’t burn, then lower the meat to medium-low heat and cook until meatballs are done (8-10 minutes).