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Brie and Pomegranate Naan Dippers

Appetizers might be my favorite thing about the holidays. I totally love the big meal from Thanksgiving, but I also love how food goes from the Big Meal at Thanksgiving to all of the fun handheld appetizers during Christmas. But what is better than tasty handheld appetizers? A quick and easy handheld Christmas appetizer! You know the ones that come together in minutes, are devoured quicker than you can put them out and are a fan favorite? Yah, those are the best types of Christmas appetizers, and the reason for the season (in my opinion).

You know I am obsessed with finding store bought hacks to make everything just a smidge easier and faster. Well, there are couple of very important hacks in this Easy Christmas Appetizer.

First off, don’t try and de-seed your own pomegranate! Buy the arils from the store – super easy and very inexpensive!

Secondly, you can absolutely buy one large piece of naan (or two or three), however, Stonefire makes these naan dippers that make a handheld appetizer even that easier!

Lastly, this recipe is really just about combining all of the different ingredients on the naan. No mixing, or combining, just stacking.

I hope you’ll make this recipe because it is a really easy and fun one to make and looks super festive too! Pomegranates are always such a nice and unexpected touch during the holidays!