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Pumpkin WafflesEDIT

Happy Fall, Ya’ll! I’m always looking for easy hacks to every day favorites. So these Pumpkin Waffles are the perfect twist to your favorite waffle mix. And hint hint – you can enjoy these through the entire holiday season. We don’t have to stop when wintertime strikes!

The thing I love about every day easy twists on staples is that they are simple staples already included in your pantry.  And sometimes you want just a hint of a flavor and don’t want to buy an entire box of the flavor.  That’s when this Pumpkin Waffles recipe can really make the difference. 


I’m not saying it would work – but you could probably use this recipe with lemon curd and make lemon waffles, or with fig butter and make a nice fall fig waffle.  Those would be fun to try for sure! Because I love these pumpkin waffles and they are super easy.